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Let me tell you more about AGen hotel luggage temporary storage solution? How to simplify the tracking task.

AGen hotel luggage storage solution is a solution design for hotel operators that allows guests to store their luggage or other personal items before or after their check-in or check-out time. This service is particularly useful for guests who arrive early or depart late and need a safe and secure place to store their belongings.

One aspect of this service that is particularly important in the hospitality industry is the ability to communicate with guests who speak different languages. To ensure that guests can easily access and retrieve their belongings, many hotels provide multilingual staff or offer translation services to assist guests who may not speak the local language. For AGen software, we believe picture taking is the easiest to use language to avoid misleading during the storage and retrieving process. Once Hotel guests give their luggage to the hotel staff, picture taking is an easy proof on their belongings.

In addition to providing a convenient service for guests, AGen hotel luggage storage solution can also help hotels manage their operations more efficiently. By providing a centralized location for storing guests' belongings, hotels can reduce clutter in guest rooms and improve their housekeeping operations. This can lead to a more streamlined and organized hotel experience for both guests and staff.

For implementation of the AGen luggage storage solution, hotel staff just need to enter the hotel guest room number, guest name, and total number of luggage to be store, an identification sticker will be printed with mobile printer and stick on the customer luggage. An additional 1 piece of sticker will be given to the customer for retrieving purpose. Generated 1d OR 2D QR code give the minimum security for the customer. We encourage Hotel staff to get permission from hotel guess in order to capture their personal photo together with their luggage for safety purposes.

Audit records can be view easily by clicking on the history record button, the taken picture can be viewed.

Overall, AGen hotel luggage storage solution can be a valuable service for hotels to offer their guests, especially in situations where guests need a secure and convenient place to store their belongings. By providing this service with multilingual support, hotels can enhance the guest experience and improve their operations.

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