Inventory Control System Introduction
Manual recording
Every business operation starts from owner own hand from the day one the business start. When the workload increase, the business owner will start to seek for the help of manpower to assist them, and at the same time they will start to seek for efficient tools to assist them in different operation. One of the business operations is inventory control.
An inventory control is a set of procedures that a business uses to manage its inventory levels, track the movement of goods, and ensure it has the right amount of stock on hand to meet customer demand. It starts with manual inventory control and improve to digitalised inventory management.
In the manual inventory control, 3 of the common use technique to maintenance the inventory is human memory plus calculation, vendor-managed inventory, and kanban system.
However, with the increase of number of stock and increase of manpower in the business, the manual inventory control can be enhanced with the inventory control software which allow better cooperation in between staff and enhance the accuracy of the inventory tracking.
Manual Kanban Tracking System
What inventory control software do for you?
Inventory control software is a specialized type of software designed to streamline and automate various aspects of inventory management. We offer you our highly customisable inventory control software (AGen Inventory Control). It provides businesses with tools to efficiently track, manage, and optimize their inventory levels. Here are several key functions and benefits that Agen inventory control software offers: Real-Time Inventory Tracking, Automated Data Entry, Supplier and Vendor Management, Barcode and RFID Integration, Multi-Location Management, Reports and Analytics, User Access and Security, Integration with Other Systems via excel.
Digital mindset image
Mind set to use inventory control software.
In overall, to start using inventory control software, the business owner must have the digitalisation mind set and standard operating procedures mindset. The leader of the inventory control must agree with the discussed procedure and acting on the agreed procedure. No exceptions on the procedure after the system start to implement.
Image to show you scanning on delivery note
Importance of a digitalization mindset and standard operating procedures for successful implementation of inventory control software. Business owners and leaders must agree on procedures and adhere to them consistently for the system to be effective. AGen inventory management software is an easy and simple to use tool to help you successfully move into digitalised your warehouse.