Autotrack Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Autotrack Asset tracking is design base on barcode as a core technology to track your entire company asset. Autotrack Asset tracking make it simple to manage your businesses valuable assets, from software, IT assets, vehicles, tools, medical devices, and more. Instantly locate your assets, eliminate time spent searching for missing items and stop unnecessarily replacing lost assets. Fast local technical support, customization and getting started training is included. Autotrack Asset Tracking complete solutions include everything you need to account for the valuable assets used to run your business. Complete solutions come with a mobile computer for managing assets in the field or away from your desk, integrated barcode labeling software and a barcode label printer for creating asset tags, polyester asset tags or even metal asset tag. Tracking your organization’s assets just got easier. Local technical support and “getting started” training is also included to get you up and running fast. Autotrack asset tracking design mainly for tracking your office table, chair, computer IT value and up to date value. Borrowing of company asset, temporary assignment of asset, due date notification display for your computer system and maintaining asset schedule is the main purpose of Autotrack Asset Tracking Software.
How Does Autotrack Asset Tracking Work?
To use the Autotrack asset tracking software, 3 simple steps involve.
First – Create your asset master and print out the asset sticker directly.
Second – Stick the sticker on the asset you would like to track.
Third – Locate the asset by scanning the barcode on the sticker.
Now your tracking process done.
Assets can be checked-out to employees and customers with assigned due dates.
Management reports are included to help you make the best-informed business decisions relating to your assets.
Easy-to-use interface designed to meet the asset tracking needs of small to medium sized businesses, departments within large enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations.
Available in 2 editions: Professional or Enterprise.
Depreciation report to display up to date today total value of your company asset.
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