Price and Location Checking Solution with Autotrack On Demand
Price and location checking in the supermarket, minimarket, hypermarket and retail store open to public is the basic requirement for Malaysia retail owner. Misplace of product by worker or customer after viewing will cause confusion to the next customer when visiting your shop.

Price And Location Checking Solution

A stand alone barcode price checker is a solution for this, this device and solution give immediate answer to your customer today price, location as well as available quantity of the stock in your current outlet. On Top of this, Autotrack On Demand Price Checking Solution also give you the additional method for advertise your product base on your location of the device. For here you can have additional income by advertising your supplier product and services. Example you may display the mothercare product advertisement on the price checker station with latest baby food advertisement.

How to know the price?

Autotrack On Demand give you the easy management tool to manage your price checking process as well as advertisement management process. Difference user login give different access to the page allow the advertisement management make simple. Using the latest networking server architecture, Autotrack on Demand give you the solid backend design to make the price check process simple and fast response. Make the scanning easy by scan the barcode on the packaging.

Get this solution from alcaidc now to integrated with your existing P.O.S. system. Call us for demo now. Able to link to Autocount, Microsoft Dynamic POS, Inhouse custom made P.O.S. solution.

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