Barcode printer sometime also call as label printer use mainly for printing label, art-card and sometime direct thermal paper. Few factors for you to consider before you try to make your decision what is the barcode printer model you should select. In barcode industry, barcode printer normally category base on it capacity as well as the number of print per day and sometime the density of the printing. Below are few question you should ask yourself before you select the printer model for your label printing activity.
1. What is the quantity of label you are printing in one day?
2. How big is your label size?
3. What is the resolution of your printout? 203dpi, 300dpi, 406dpi or 600 dpi?
4. Do you concent on the product brand?
5. What is your budget for this machine?
6. Do you have exiting program to generate barcode label format?
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