Hotel Luggage Storage Tracking Software Solution
AGen Luggage storage is a service provided by hotels to accommodate guests who arrive before their check-in time or have a departure time later than their check-out time. AGen digitalize this process in order to assist our customer to enhance their services when the guest walk into their hotel. Here's a more detailed explanation of how AGen Hotel luggage storage in hotels works:
1. Early Check-Ins: When guests arrive at a hotel before the standard check-in time (usually in the morning), they may not be able to access their rooms immediately. In such cases, hotels offer luggage storage as a convenient option for guests to temporarily store their bags and belongings until their room is ready. AGen help to keep the hotel guest record and have pre-staying contact with the hotel guest.
2. Late Check-Outs: Similarly, if guests have a departure time later than the regular check-out time (usually in the evening), they may need a place to store their luggage until they are ready to leave. Luggage storage enables guests to explore the city or engage in activities without the burden of carrying their bags. By collecting the Hotel guest information during this hour, Hotel may offer additional service for the guest which is not included in the room package.
3. Secure Storage Area and system: Hotels typically have a designated storage area or room where luggage is kept. This area is secure and monitored to ensure the safety of guests' belongings. It may be located near the front desk or in a separate room with restricted access. Guests need to verify when they would like to withdraw their luggage. This gives additional assurance to the customer about their belongings.
4. Tagging and Identification: When guests drop off their luggage for storage, hotels often provide them with tags or receipts. These tags are usually attached to the bags and include a unique identification number or QR code. This ensures that the correct luggage is returned to the rightful owner when they come to retrieve it.
5. Retrieval Process: When guests need to collect their stored luggage, they present their tag or receipt to the hotel staff. The staff verifies the identification and matches it with the corresponding luggage in the storage area. Once confirmed, the luggage is returned to the guest.
6. Duration and Fees: Luggage storage is typically offered on a temporary basis. The duration can vary depending on the hotel's policy, but it is usually for a few hours or until the guest's check-in or check-out time. Some hotels may offer complimentary luggage storage, while others may charge a fee for the service.
AGen Luggage storage services in hotels aim to provide convenience and flexibility for guests, allowing them to enjoy their time in the city without being burdened by their bags. It is a helpful amenity for travelers with early or late schedules, making their overall hotel experience more comfortable. Call us to know more about this solution.