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The basics of barcode scanning technique and information you need to know if you would like to implement a barcode system in your warehouse.

Advantage of 2D barcode vs 1D barcode

Barcode scanning should be as easy as 123, this is the basic concept of barcode created to simplify data transmission. 1D or 2D barcode you select for your organisation is the first step of a barcoding system. If you just want to start your barcode system for your company, forget about 1D barcode, just directly using 2D barcode for your product. In terms of initial cost to produce 1D and 2D barcode is the same but in terms of long run, 2D barcode is much cheaper compared with 1D barcode, why is that?

In terms of running cost, 2D barcode is lower compared with 1D barcode because the consumable cost for the sticker and ribbon. 2D barcodes required smaller space compared with 1D barcodes. These advantages make the printing space smaller and the cost of the consumable is also lower. On the other hand, the printing element (print head) which is category as consumable by the label printer industry also can last longer because the tolerance of 2D barcode is much higher compared with 1D barcode. The printing machine can tolerate better printhead elements compared to 1D barcode.

2D barcode scanning is also much easier to capture compared with 1D barcode, in not directly it saves the time of scanning and reduces the cost of scanning. Other then that, the scanning of 2D barcodes is also open to 360 degree compared with45 degree scanning angle on 1D barcode. This makes the barcode scanning operator task simpler in scanning 2D barcodes.
To generate your first free 2D barcode, you may visit the link below:

Disadvantages of 2D barcode compare 1D barcode

If you compare 2 scanners from the same model and same manufacturer on 1D barcode scanner vs 2D barcode scanner example: Zebra LS2208 1D vs DS2208 2D scanner, 2D barcode scanner cost currently is still slightly higher than 1D barcode scanner. This is the reason why most of the companies are still selecting 1D barcode instead of 2D barcode. However, alcaidc is the correct party who can assist you on this, contact us on this simple to solve issue.

Another reason why the 1D barcode is still popular in the market is because the world's biggest organisation is still using 1D EAN barcode on the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) product. This leading cause the standardization of barcode printing and display on the product and indirectly cause why 1D barcode is still popular in the market. To know more about EAN 13 barcode in Malaysia, you may visit below website

To generate your 1D free barcode you may visit the link below:
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