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How to use Autotrack for building maintenance tracking purposes, how helpful is the Autotrack can help you on the building maintenance tracking.

Building maintenance tracking can be simple as well as complicated depending on the device or machinery you want to track and maintenance within the building itself.

Building maintenance tasks distributed to many details of the maintenance process depends on the building owner. In Autotrack building asset maintenance, the main objective is to remind the building maintenance manager what the existing maintenance needs to perform on the building device as well as the building structure itself. 2 of the main objectives need to be performed by the building manager and his team include device routine maintenance servicing by owner or third party maintenance company and building and device monitoring and examination  

Device routine maintenance servicing Reminder.

Certain devices or building structures need to be periodically maintenan by the certify agent to make sure the servicing is properly done by certified technicians and the tuning certificate needs to be properly kept after the servicing. Examples include lift maintenance, Fire prevention devices, building air conditioning etc. Autotrack comes with auto reminder services to remind the maintenance manager by email in order to call for third parties maintenance agents to perform periodic maintenance.

Building and device monitoring and examination purposes

Building and device monitoring process can be as simple as 123. For a maintenance staff who is responsible for his job, the management may not need to worry about the building structure maintenance as well as building device maintenance. Daily, weekly or monthly maintenance route visits will be able to discover the physical condition of the device or structure. However most of the daily maintenance visits, the maintenance staff may not perform the proper maintenance visit due to no proper maintenance checking plan assigned to the worker. Autotrack team understands this pain faced by the building maintenance manager, this is why we offer you the Autotrack maintenance to handle this critical issue the maintenance manager faces. We assign every tracking device or building structure as an asset for the maintenance manager. We categories the building structure as 1 of the assets in the autotrack. Now the maintenance staff required not only physical monitoring the device, they also requested to monitor the building structure as part of their visit. For more information to be Summit to the management, the maintenance staff is required to scan the barcode stick on the checkpoint and capture the photo of the requested check point. The check point can be the device for the building as well as structure for the building. 

Below is the simple process flow by using Autotrack as building and device monitoring and examination for the maintenance staff.

Step 1 Review checklist on mobile device.

Step 2 Select the scanning point base on predefined location

Step 3 Make a photo capture of the site or device


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