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Autotrack on demand counterfeit verification with 2D QRCode make simple with just scan the product label with your mobile phone


Design, testing, piloting, producing and marketing a specific brand or model of the product is one of the long and hardships process to be passed through by either personal or corporation. However reverse engineering or copying the product is a piece of cake for the copy cat in the market. How can you trace this activity and retrieve this information feedback to you after you launched the product into the market? Autotrack team now launch a simple and effortless tracking solution to help you to track, trace, and educate your customers as well as your copycat competitor.
How does the 2D QR Barcode help you to prevent counterfeit?
Autotrack On Demand Counterfeit Verification can not stop your competitor copycat to reverse engineering your product or copy your product if they wanted to, what our solution can do is to assist and educate your consumer the original source of the product they purchase, educate the public the way to trace the original of the product, assist you to trace the possible source of the counterfeit, and by the end the copycat will think twice about the economic value to copy your product.
How to do it?

Applying a sticker to your existing product at the end of the packaging is a common end of line process for most of the manufacturer or packaging department. However just to add on additional 2D barcode onto your existing product packaging is just a redesign of your existing product packaging or alternatively you may just apply additional stickers onto your existing products packaging. With the help of Autotrack On Demand Solution, this additional activity should be fully integrated into your existing production line with no additional man power involved. Your customer will be your inspector of the product and their friend or family is their assistant to help them to trace the genuinely of the product they purchased. You will be the one analisis the big data feedback by your customer and enhance the customer experience as well as customer relationship received from this small 2D barcode printed with Autotrack.

What you need to invest in order to run this system?
As per mentioned above, the manufacturer should integrate this 2D barcode labeling process into their existing production line system, this is also our line experience in. by integrating the a labeling printer, integrated to your existing inkjet printer, add on a latest laser marking machine for your end product, Autotrack On Demand Counterfeit Verification supports all this. Our system design in such a way that it ready to assist you to design your latest packaging with 2D barcode, support multi product traceability, support multi user environment, support multi computer or tablet or mobile devices, support multi language environment, support worldwide accessing capabilities, support inhouse data hosting or on cloud big data management.
What is the most basic start up for this easy to use solution?
Autotrack team suggests below software and hardware package for basic start up for small and medium industry. The package varies depending on the number of products produced per day, the product size and product value. Different product labelling design will determine the hardware selection during the labeling process. Below is a suggestion package for some common industry in Malaysia.

Industry with daily production less than 200 product per day
Autotrack On Demand Counterfeit Verification Software
Desktop type label printer
Share website hosting for counterfeit verification
Industry with daily production less than 1000 product per day
Autotrack On Demand Counterfeit Verification Software
Tabletop type label printer with auto applicator
Share website hosting for counterfeit verification
Industry with daily production more than 1000 product per day
Autotrack On Demand Counterfeit Verification Software
Laser marking machine with fully integrated system
Dedicated website hosting for counterfeit verification

If I do not need to track the counterfeit, do you have a solution on this?
Autotrack team understands the progressive of the manufacturing industry, this is why we also offer to our customer the Autotrack On Demand Label Designer, this solution will assist you to accumulate your production data for preparation before you ready move into a counterfeit verification solution.

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