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How to add in barcodes into your product labeling and what are the advantages of the added barcode into your product?

Tracking of inventory with the barcode printed on your product labeling is part of today warehouse management knowledge. How you can add barcodes into your product labeling and allow it to be scanned and understand your product information, production date, distribution channel and add on with product loyalty function is one of today needed by most of the factory. The customer can just using their mobile phone, scan the printed 2D QR barcode on the product labeling, they will have complete information about the production date of the product on their hand, the distributor information, the reseller information and the correct way of using the product, the best time to consume the product and so on.

For sure you can generate the free QR barcode directly from our official website These free services allow you to print out your product information directly on the product packaging. You may also include in the manufacturer date, production distribution information into the QRcode you generated. However, if you have too much information to be included in the barcode, you can seek an alternative solution of the paid version of barcode generator, this paid solution gives you much more functionality to track and enhance the traceability of your product. Read more about the paid version barcode generating software with traceability function to be use to generate your product label purposes.
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