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Maintenance service for ID card printer you purchase, we make sure you purchase the printer, and your staff know how to use it to the maximum possible situation.

After you spend certain amounts of money to improved your company image by investing into ID card printer. Do not just keep the printer to perform only 1 task and handle by only 1 staff. What happen if the staff resign, what happen the staff long leave, What happen the staff busy with other activities? You have to make sure all the staff in your organization know how to use the printer, you have to make sure you have quick access to the help on how to use the printer. For new staff to learn the printer, you got to make sure you always have the source to support you when you purchase the printer. ALC offer you this task and we also make sure you get the maximum return when you purchase a card printer for your company.

Let look into our On site maintenance service when you purchase the ID card printer. This is very important service to make sure you have continuous support after you purchase the printer. Do not turn the ID card printer to White elephant in your company. We believe this small but powerful printer can give you many applications other than the staff card printing.

Let talk to our agent on how to improve the usage of your invested ID card printer from time to time, let our agent train your new join staff. Let us help you to maximized your investment and 0 stop time for the ID card printer you invested.

2 available ACare maintenance you can select, 1st is Inhouse Acare and 2nd is Onsite Acare.

In House Service
On Site Service

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