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AGen electronic survey form helps you to easily capture the opinion from different audience and run it online and offline.

AGen electronic survey form allows you to create and run your survey form in the form of online and offline. Users can generate a series of questions or statements presented in an online and offline form, which respondents can answer or respond to from their computers or mobile devices.

To use an electronic survey form, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Create the survey form: You can use a AGen drag and drop server tool to create an electronic survey form. You can add questions, select the type of response you want (e.g., multiple choice, short answer) or request user to key in the input.
  2. Request user to take a current photo of him/her. (Available after 1/April/2023)
  3. Distribute the survey form: Once you have created the form, you need to distribute it to the people you want to respond to it. First create the survey form URL QRcode then send it via email, share a link on social media, or embed the form on your website. Or load it into the surveyor Android mobile phone.
  4. Collect responses: As people respond to the survey, the responses will be collected and stored in a database. You can view the results of the survey in real-time and generate reports and charts to help you analyze the data.
  5. Scan barcode instead of key in, the build in field barcode reader allows surveyor to scan the audience QR Code identity for quicker data capturing action.
  6. Analyze the results: Once you have collected the responses, you can use the data to gain insights into the opinions, attitudes, and behaviors of the people who responded to the survey. You can use various statistical techniques, such as regression analysis or factor analysis, to analyze the data and draw conclusions.

Overall, AGen electronic survey forms are a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to gather information from large groups of people. They are commonly used in fields such as market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and academic research.

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