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What is AGen warehouse goods receiving recording process? How to the process flow?

AGen Warehouse Goods Receiving recording process involves documenting and recording the details of incoming goods and then transferring it to the warehouse management system (WMS) or other ERP or accounting software. This process is important for maintaining accurate inventory levels and recording the incoming of goods throughout the supply chain. Here are the steps involved in the warehouse goods receiving recording process:

Receiving process make simple with AGen

Received a Purchase Order (PO) in the WMS:
The first step in the receiving recording process is to retrieve a purchase order in the WMS or other tracking software. The PO should include the details of the shipment such as the supplier, the quantity and description of the items, the expected delivery date and the purchase price.

Receive the shipment: Once the shipment arrives, the receiving team inspects the items for damages and discrepancies. If any issues are found, they should be noted and recorded in the AGen Receiving.

Enter the shipment details in the AGen receiving: The receiving team enters the shipment details into the AGen, including the quantity received, the date and time of the delivery, and any discrepancies found during inspection.

Let count before you receive

Update inventory levels: The AGen updates the inventory levels to reflect the new items received. This allows the inventory control system to track inventory levels accurately and avoid stockouts or overstocking.

Optional assign bin location: The receiving team assigns a bin location for the items received and records the location in the AGen. This allows warehouse staff to locate the items quickly and efficiently when needed.
Count before you receive

Complete the receiving process: Once the shipment has been received and recorded in the AGen, then it will be exported to the WMS or ERP and the receiving process is complete. The inventory control team may be notified of the new inventory and the purchasing team may be informed of any discrepancies or issues with the shipment. This process is normally done by WMS or ERP system.

By following the warehouse goods receiving recording process, companies can maintain accurate inventory levels and ensure that the right products are in the right place at the right time. With the present of AGen receiving module, data capturing can be done easily on the mobile device.

Watch below Youtube receiving process commonly use by warehouse receiver.

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