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Which scanner can scan the barcode on battery rechargeable batter than other, have a guess.

Hi All,

have a guess, which of below scanner can scan the best on below battery? Datamatrix today is the most widely use barcode in the industry for tracking purposes beside QRcode, we have wide range of barcode scanner for you to choose in order to fulfill your requirement. The result is tested by of experience engineer. 

Honeywell Xenon 1900

Honeywell Voyager 1450

Honeywell Vuquest 3310

Datalogic Powerscan PD9500

Datalogic gryphon GD4130

Datalogic Heron 2D HD3430 

Datalogic QD2400 2D

Argox AS9500

Have a guess, base on you experience in 2D barcode reading and your experience in 2D barcode, hope it can give you the proximity answer.  Check with our KL team technical department if you want to know the answer.

by: pangbk

18/Nov/2021IconWhat is the question to ask when you would like to purchase a new barcode scanner?

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