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Press to print production barcode label with Autotrack On-demand barcode label printing solution


“Press to Print” or “On demand printing” today become more and more popular in the barcode label production to reduce wastage and increase productivity of production worker as well as inventory tracking purposes.

How “Press to Print” work?

One label printer will be sitting beside the production worker and linked to server via TCPIP network. The production product will be travel on the conveyor from the starting point to the ending point, in between the process; the product will be stop at individual processing stage. Once the product stop at the printing station, worker will be touching the push button and one label with serial number will be immediately generated and record will be created in Autotrack on-demand printing software. The product by the end will come with a nicely printed label on the packaging.

What you required?

Autotrack Barcode On demand printing software

Godex EZ2250I printer

Push Button


by: pangbk

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