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Why not use Laser printer for label sticker printing?

Laser printing technology is one of the most interesting technology design by human to print out high resolution picture on flat surface, it gives high quality of picture output and very sharp image with resolution 2400dpi, it is amazing resolution and the lovely device for most of the artist.

Aside of high resolution and low cost relatively compare with thermal printer, the easy to get and more option compare with thermal label printer is another advantages compare with label printer use for label printing.

Again come to a very basic aspect of industry, the suitability of laser printer uses for label printing. Everyone know that the laser printer being heat up very fast compare with normal inject or dot matrix printer or thermal printer because it mechanism design to melt the powder of the ink, this become the very big challenge to the label manufacturer because the glue behind the sticker is sensitive to the head, when the high volume printing activity happen, unwanted glue will be accidently stick on the laser printer roller and the problem will come. Who is responsible for this problem? Printer manufacturer or label manufacturer?

Conclusion:  The option is still your, take the challenge with cost saving and invest into multi purpose printer or use recommended label printer for label printing? The option is your……

 some blog found from internet on problem to use laser printer use for print label sticker.

by: pangbk

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