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Our systems consist of DATALOGIC M390 Camera, MX40 Processor and IMPACT software.

M-Series cameras allow for fast integration to solve the most complex machine vision applications. The unique ability to mix and match color, gray-scale, multi imager, area and line scan cameras with an MX-Series processor lets you define, select and deploy the perfect imaging solution for high-speed, multi-camera machine vision inspections.

MX-Series Vision Processors provide the highest performance in image processing with even more flexibility through multicamera support. Three models allow you to choose the correct level of performance based on your application needs. The MX40 Series is a rugged and compact embedded vision processor that features Intel® multi-core processors and four independent PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera ports. The MX40’s long-life embedded components provide a very robust and reliable vision system for critical inspection applications.

IMPACT Software powers the full line of integrated vision solutions, from simple to complex. The investment in software and training is preserved as inspections grow. Programs for the same inspections can be easily shared or transferred across multiple inspection points within the factory.With over 120 inspection tools and 50 user interface controls, Impact Software allows users to create unique inspection programs and develop user interfaces quickly and easily. All this can be done without the loss of flexibility, like traditional configurable systems, or the need for vast amounts of development time like traditional SDK environments.

Basically, the camera will capture the top view image of the carrier which shall contain the pre-set number of cavity that individually filled with formulation. The image will immediately send to the processor for examining, counter checking and comparison, for image processing and analysis. With the pre-define algorithm within IMPACT software, the defective mold (if there is any) from cavities shall be detected, followed by a signal to PLC for further action.

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