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Where to use laser marking application in the manufacturing environment and How to use it?

Laser marking is a permanent and flexible technology that can be used in a variety of applications such as expiration dates on water bottles, mobile phone branding, backlighted car dashboards, cattle tags, Mainboard of electronics devices, Lenses of the camera and etc.  Numerous industries such as automotive, electronic, fashion, food and medical rely on laser marking for reliable and counterfeit proof identification, labelling, branding, product security and backtracking purposes.

Laser marking delivers an economical and effective solution for permanent labelling of every type of surface. It withstands the most rugged conditions, guarantees backtracking over the entire product life cycle, allows individualization and assists in quality assurance and protection against counterfeiting. Laser marking offers many advantages in comparison to other methods, but choosing to use it depends on many factors, including whether its advantages can be realized completely. This whitepaper provides information that can be used as a guideline for adopting a laser marking solution.

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