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What is Ivanti VelocityCE and what is the advantages by selecting it for your daily application? What is the different between VelocityCE and Industrial Browser?

Feature for Veolcity CE
Faster rendering
Navigate application workflows faster
Webkit-based rendering engine
Simplified deployment and configuration
All the configuration options expected from a browser
Easier management of VelocityCE-based apps through Wavelink Avalanche.
Start right where you left off
Session persistence
Productivity control
Lockdown the browser and hide the address bar
Easily develop data capture applications
Add data capture technologies in less time
No need for specialized coding knowledge
No need to install data wedge to use/configure
barcode scanners
Set a standard across all mobile devices
Compatible with your SCM system

Difference between VelocityCE & Industrial Browser
Page loading speed
Server and client
HTML5 & full JaveScript support
Session persistence
Browser independent

Licensing for velocityCE
Platform license - Per device
Maintenance license (optional)
- Per device
- Upgraded to latest software version
- After sales support from Wavelink support specialist

by: pang

24/Jun/2021IconProduct End of Life (EOL) Announcement
11/Jan/2021IconOther than Inventi Terminal Emulation Software, What other available Terminal Emulation software available in the Malaysia barcode market?

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