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Door Access & Time Attendance Installation for one of the branded car distributor in Malaysia

Installation Done..!!!

Main Lobby, Office Building


Main Entrance
- Fingerprint door access controller + glass door bolt lock X2 / Facial recognition time attendance terminal X2.

UFace302 Facial Time Attendance Recorder


TF1700 Fingerprint Access Reader


Fingerprint door access controller + door magnetic lock X2 .

Factory Building

UFace302 Facial Time Attendance Recorder

Download daily TXT. format raw data on ADMS - RAW DATA DOWNLOAD- CLOCKDATA - DAILY folder
DRMSA AutoTrack ADMS login URL address:

Network parameter door access & time attendance devices

Hardware configuration

Request eight (8) static IP address, subnet mask & gateway network settings for 8 unit devices.

Facial scanner attendance machine x4 (* 2 units at main lobby / 2 units at factory)

Fingerprint access reader x4 at office building

Software installation

ADMS time attendance web based software & Att. Management software for door access.

System min. requirements

OS: MS Windows Server 2012

CPU: Quad core processor

Memory: 6GB RAM

Hard drive: 500GB disk space

by: fatihah

14/Jun/2021IconAttendance tracking is always the challege for today manufacturing in Malaysia, let explore the face recognisation to simplify it

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