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Evolis Provides its Avansia Printer with a Lamination Module!

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The New Card Lamination Module for Avansia

The New Card Lamination Module for Avansia

The Card Lamination Module The Card Lamination Module option is now available on Avansia printers and will be promoted during this month of January.

Target Market & Product Positioning
The main objectives of lamination on Avansia are to strengthen the offer and sustainability of Evolis in the retranfer printer market and to propose a complete offer to answer calls for tanders and security requests from our customers.

The Double Purpose of Lamination

Meeting Several Markets & Applications
Avansia Lamination will be used for application requiring high levels of security, prelevant in several fields:
  • Government : Military & Policy ID ; Health Cards; Driver Licenses, etc
  • Education : Student Cards, Staff Access Control
  • Corporate & Others : Employee badges, Secure Credentials (Airports..), Service Bureau
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Includes :
  • 1 specific sample cards leaftet
  • 1 UV Lamp
  • 1 Magnifying glass
Please indicate in your order form the following code : MK00059
PS : Offer limited to 1 Demo Pack per partner and subject to the purchase of a card Lamination Module for Avansia

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