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Warehouse automation in Malaysia with various sensor device providers for your food and beverage manufacturing data collection and vision inspection purposes.

Food and beverage industry is one of the target industries for Datalogic in Malaysia. Datalogic offers you the complete solution in the F&B industry production line. Start with basic barcode reading on the fly moving conveyor system. Datalogic Matrix 220 combination gives you 360 degree reading capability in the high speed environment. The combination of barcode scanner gives you the 100% reading capability with an array of 6 unit scanners. This high speed and clean solution makes sure you can capture the barcode in single pass mode.

For the bottle sorting application in the F & B industry, Datalogic offers you the S8 retroreflex polarized sensor with coaxial optics. It provides you with accurate and reliable detection on the clear object. In addition, its compact housing and accurate and reliable detection give you the fit to environment design and easy setup. With the additional sensor protection, Datalogic gives you the IP69 protection again the water and dust protection.

When it comes to bottle cap inspection, datalogic ready Datavision VS offer you the low cost and simple to set up cap inspection solution, This reading to deploy product is using the latest Datalogic platform with almost plug and play capability. With the simple teaching step, you are now ready to use the Smart Vs vision inspection sensor yourself.

Another ready to use product solution from datalogic is DataVS2 which will allow you to apply for the purpose to inspect the label present or not on the bottle. This out of box product is today the most easy to use product offered by Datalogic for F&B manufacturers with almost plug and play setup. dataVS2 use patent matching technology to give your the fast and reliable result compare with normal sensors which may have difficulty when the product is change in term of colour, opacity and shape.

In the packaging control loading process, Datalogic powerscan and gryphon series scanner give you the up to date barcode scanning capability especially to help you to identify the difference between type of packaging with its content. The verification barcode scanning makes sure you have no mistake while loading the bottle packaging for the drink you produce. 

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