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Optimizing Your Business Operations with Point Mobile and AGen

Optimizing Your Business Operations with Point Mobile and AGen
The Point Mobile PM351 is a robust and powerful device meticulously crafted to optimize your business operations. Its exceptional features and design make it the ideal solution for enhancing efficiency and productivity in demanding environments
Ergonomically designed: Perfectly fit in your hand, the PM351 ensures comfort during extended use. The device's IP65 certification guarantees durability against drops, shocks, and water, providing the resilience needed for challenging work settings.

Barcode scanner and seamless A-Gen software integration: PM351 streamlines inventory management and data capturing, enabling swift and accurate processes. Its versatile connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, keep you effortlessly always connected.

Battery life: The PM351 boasts a long-lasting battery that will keep you powered throughout your entire workday. For added reassurance, an extra backup battery is available. 

Unlocking Efficiency Across Industries: Point Mobile PM351 & A-Gen Integration!"
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Hospitality & Hotels: Elevate guest services and provide exceptional experiences with the Point Mobile PM351 and A-Gen integration for smooth check-ins, concierge services, and room management.

Retail & Manufacturing: Optimize data sharing and inventory control effortlessly by combining the PM351 with A-Gen software for real-time access to critical information in supply chain tracking and order fulfilment.

E-commerce: Enhance efficiency with efficient route planning and communication using the PM351 integrated with A-Gen for seamless deliveries.

Healthcare: Streamline patient care and asset tracking through the PM351 and A-Gen integration, facilitating easy management of patient data and medical assets.

Warehouse & Logistics: Improve operational efficiency with the rugged design and real-time tracking capabilities of the PM351 and A-Gen, empowering efficient inventory management and logistics operations.


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4/12/2023 7:15:19 AM
What is AGen software for AIDC partner? What can it help you in selling barcode mobile computer or barcode data collector?

4/1/2023 12:54:50 PM
We believe stock take is simple to do activity in warehouse, it become easier if you select AGen stock take solution