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What is AGen Computerised Multi Branch Equipment Maintenance Management System?

AGen Computerized Multi Branch Equipment Maintenance Management System is a software platform that helps organizations manage all aspects of their multi branch equipment maintenance operations, particularly with a focus on preventive maintenance. It acts as a central hub for all maintenance data and workflows, streamlining processes and optimizing equipment performance.

Core Functionalities:
• Asset management: Track all your equipment, including details like make, model, location, maintenance history, and warranty information.
• Preventive maintenance scheduling: Create and track schedules for routine maintenance tasks based on manufacturer recommendations, equipment usage, and environmental factors.
• Technician management: Assign tasks to technicians, track their progress, and view their availability and qualifications.
• Reporting and analytics: Generate reports on various aspects of your maintenance operation, such as equipment performance, downtime trends, and maintenance costs.

How to use the software
1. Login to AGen maintenance tracking portal.
2. Key in the problem.
3. Optional Scan the device barcode
4. Take a photo of the device or issue.

Maintenance department
1. Login to the AGen management centre.
2. View the complaint or issue of the feedback.
3. Perform the service and repair onsite.
4. Capture the photo of fixed situation.
5. Send Whatsapp message to the branch Person in Charge to inform task completed.
6. Let branch to acknowledge at the portal on the case completed.

AGen Computerised Multi Branch Equipment Maintenance Management System is a solution specifically designed for multi branch organizations to assist them to simplify their complain tracking and fixing. It helps the maintenance manager to systematically track their individual branch complain the fixing process.

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