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How AGen software helps the users to solve their problem, basic introduction for the users to have more understanding for AGen software developed by ALC-TECH (M) SDN BHD

AGen Software


Are you tired of one-size-fits-all project management tools that don't quite fit your unique workflow? Say hello to AGen – the customizable project management software designed to adapt to your needs.

Drag-and-Drop Interface: Easily rearrange tasks, timelines, and resources with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Custom Fields: Define custom fields to capture unique project details and metadata tailored to your organization.

Integration Hub: Connect AGen software with your favorite tools and services using our extensive library of integrations.

Advanced Reporting: Generate custom reports and analytics to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decision


Home - Home page for AGen software.

Setting - Multiple control function for AGen software.

User Manage - Function which make control for administrator and users

Email Setting - Link the AGen software with your email.

Wizard - Setting for database to server

Backup Management - Setting for backup folder for your current AGen

Data Received - Table Preview the data received in AGen software

File Management - Table Preview the File in AGen software

Custom Table - Create custom table with your own design database field.

FTP Configuration - Configuration page FTP for Server and Client

Page Configuration - Configuration page for AGen page

Keyboard Application - Keyboard Configuration page

Custom View - Table Preview the Custom Table in AGen software

Print Log - View and reprint report

Auto Import Setting - Configuration Auto Import for AGen page

Device Management - Preview and customize the device connected to AGen

Database Management - Preview Database name and get SQL queries

Error Log - Every Error Occur will be recorded in this function. It will provide a table list which list out the error. It will also provide more detail about the error message.

Bullet Manage - Create your own application with drag and drop function. It is a function helps the users to customize their own application with control implemented.

Form Management - The form created in bullet manage will be show in this page. The function will be settled according to the bullet.

Report Management - Create your own report which can be print in form management.

Mobile APK - Mobile APK will provide a QR code for the users to scan, it will redirect the users to the page.

Data - Every database created in Bullet Manage will be preview in this function. The users can view it in Table list form.

AGen presents an innovative solution to project management challenges by offering users a customizable platform that adjusts to their unique workflows. With features such as customizable workflows, adaptable dashboards, collaborative spaces, and scalable solutions, AGen empowers teams to streamline their processes and achieve their goals more efficiently. Supported by social proof and a limited-time offer for a customization consultation session.


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