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Membership management software helps membership-based businesses, such as gyms, clubs, and associations, manage their member base available in Malaysia.


AGen Membership software can be used by various types of organizations, including clubs, associations, nonprofits, gyms, educational institutions, and professional societies, to streamline their operations and enhance member experience. This software able to assist you on handle and manage your member card registration and printing, manage monthly or yearly fee collection, membership renewal, member information listing and member validation.

This software completely integrated with ID card printer to facilitate the membership card printing process, membership ID card validation, membership expiration management. By allowing members to perform online self-registration using their mobile phone, allow members to validate their membership using mobile phones, send predefine WhatsApp messages, this membership software make your member management become easy.

Integrated QRCode
We understand the common of QRCode usage in today world, that why every membership card will be added an QRCode for fast response mobile phone scanning and reading. The printed QRCode will be a very useful feature include the facility booking, member complaint portal, member validation portal and more innovative application you would like to perform.

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