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You know Malaysia government talking about Malaysia Digital, you know about QRCode technology, you know how to use it to digitalize you?


The introduction of Malaysia Digital by the Government represents a fresh national strategic initiative aimed at enticing companies, talent, and investments, all while empowering Malaysian businesses and citizens to take a forefront role in the worldwide digital revolution and economy.
As a SMI and SME business owner in Malaysia, what you can do and what you should do for your factory now? What is the possible think you can perform to improve your standing in the competitive market? One and one think you should do is let your product talk to you, give you the feedback so you can improve and explore more opportunities.

How to do it?

Think possible and positive, let get your product talk to you, let your staff talk to you and let your machine talk to you. What is the way to talk to them? QRCode with one object one identity can help you. Do you ever know than to powerful of QRCode technology, it actually become the universal medium to deliver important messages if you know how to make use of it.

Everyone wants to move to industry 4.0.

Want to bring your factory move into industry 4.0, If you have huge financial to invest, you can directly jump into it. Else what you can do is try to listen to your tools, your staff and your product. Let them talk to you and you improve your process and production from time to time. When come to new generation on who talking care your business, it will be seamlessly moving into industry 4.0.

Learning and implementation

Learn new digital skills and earn extra income and continuity is what today SMI and SME should do in Malaysia. Explore the possibilities of QRCode in your daily life and daily operation. Make use of this small litter cute to digitize your business.

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