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You have durians but can't sell them at a better price? 15+1 long-term programs to make your durians more expensive.

Every durian gardener has gone through a long and torturous waiting period for their durians to finally reach harvest time. But when your durians have been mercilessly thrown into the durian basket with the others, you may feel that you can do something to differentiate your durians from the others and let the public recognize you. Slowly, year by year, you will be able to sell your durians at a better price, and every year, your customers will come back to you.

Here are some strategies you can adopt to sell your durians at a better price:

1. Brand and reputation building:
Create a strong brand image. Highlight the unique selling points of durians, such as superior taste, organic farming or specific rare varieties. Build a reliable and stable reputation to ensure customer trust in the high quality durians you offer.

2. Use effective marketing strategies such as online marketing, social media campaigns and collaborate with opinion leaders or food bloggers to increase brand awareness and appeal. Educate customers about the quality and benefits of your durian. Offer tasting sessions or demonstration events for customers to experience the superior taste and quality first-hand.

3. Implement a tiered pricing strategy with different grades or sizes to meet the needs of different consumer groups. The same variety but different trees will produce different fruit, you not only let your customers know the variety of fruit, if possible, let him know that tree, I believe that today's customers do not mind to pay more money, to buy quality durian.

4. Provide quality customer service and enhance the buying experience, thereby increasing customer acceptance of higher prices. Today, customers are looking for quality, especially for King Cat, King Squirrel and Black Thorn diners. If you were a consumer, would you pay RM80 for a 1kg of unnamed Elvis or RM90 for a 1kg of Elvis that you tasted last year and it was good? The answer is obvious.

5. Partnerships and distribution channels: Work with high-end restaurants, hotels or speciality food shops to attract customers who are willing to pay for high quality durians. Let your partners document the quality of your durians, I am sure no one will refuse to sell your durians if you can get them to document and be honest with them to become a long term partner.

6. Explore opportunities in export markets, especially those that view durian as a luxury or specialty commodity that may be able to command a higher price than the domestic market. Explore international markets and sell for export to take advantage of the specialty and scarcity of durian in the global market to capture higher market premiums and selling prices.

7. Participation in direct farm sales or market activities: If conditions permit, consider selling directly from the farm or participating in local market activities. This approach not only reduces intermediate costs, but also allows for direct interaction with customers, increasing brand awareness and sales opportunities.

8. Ongoing product innovation and development: Ongoing product innovation and development to introduce new varieties or forms of products that meet market trends and consumer tastes. For example, durian products such as durian ice cream and durian cake can open up new market demand and support higher selling prices.

9. Online sales and e-commerce platforms: Expanding market coverage using e-commerce platforms and online sales channels. Selling through the Internet can open up global markets and attract domestic and international consumers who are willing to pay for high-quality durian, supporting a higher price positioning.

10. Collaboration and certification with the Government: Obtaining certification or labelling from the Malaysian Government, such as organic certification, geographical indication certification, etc., can increase consumer recognition of the quality and trustworthiness of the product, which in turn can support higher prices.

11. Data analysis and market research: Conduct in-depth data analysis and market research to understand the consumption habits, preferences and purchasing power of the target market. Adjust product positioning and pricing strategy according to market demand to ensure that durian is sold at the most competitive price.

12. Focus on environmental and social responsibility: Emphasise that your durian production is environmentally and socially responsible, e.g. by using sustainable cultivation methods, caring for the welfare of your employees. These factors can attract consumers who are focused on sustainability and social responsibility and support a higher pricing strategy.

13. Customised services and packaging: Customised services and packaging options are available to meet the individual needs of different customers. For example, offering gift box packaging, customised hampers or specially tailored durian combinations can attract customers who are willing to pay a higher price for a special experience.

14. Building long-term partnerships: Build strong relationships with long-term partners, such as suppliers, distributors or retailers. Through stable supply and partnership, better prices and sales support can be obtained to further increase the value of sales. Suppliers, especially fertiliser vendors, pesticide vendors, that kind of fertiliser that will produce high quality durum need to be carefully documented and managed.

15. Customer experience and feedback management: Focus on customer experience and actively manage customer feedback. Responding to customer needs and feedback in a timely manner improves service quality and product enhancement, which in turn enhances customer loyalty and supports higher selling prices. Collecting customer information, cultivating customers well, and being able to deliver durian directly to customers will be the trend today and in the future.

16. Use dynamic QR code: let every piece of your farmland have its own land number, let every tree have its tree code, and every durian have its fruit number, through this small QR code, you can simply build up the brand you want, strengthen your marketing strategy, easily assign grades, strengthen the relationship with your partners, inadvertently open up the export market, and more easily record the farm direct marketing messages, laying the groundwork for the next round of product innovation, more effectively crediting online sales, easily displaying government certifications to consumers, easily doing good data analyses, letting customers know that you are a farm that cares about the environment, and having a long term relationship with your customers. The most important thing is to give customers a way to experience and give feedback.

Continuously improve product quality, service level, and sales strategy, and establish an effective feedback loop mechanism. Enhancing the market competitiveness and sales value of durian through continuous optimization and learning is something that every garden owner hopes to achieve effectively. Connect with us now and let us work with you to build your durian brand up, not only to make Malaysian durians known to the Chinese but also to make your durian brand known to every durian lover in the world.

by: Stephanie

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