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Maintenance service offer for barcode printer devices for your to ensure your label printing operation is not interrupted.

ALC offers the Malaysia AIDC market not only barcode printer hardware but also offers you the peace of mind when using the barcode printer to ensure your printing operation can perform without interruption. Let’s jump into what we offer for you and your company on the label printing solution.

2 different packages of maintenance service we offer to you is inhouse barcode printer maintenance services and onsite barcode printer maintenance services. With the inhouse services, we offer you the over phone support, online support, new staff online training support. For onsite maintenance service, it covers what inhouse maintenance service offers plus additional onsite support to faster and leave all your trouble on the printing to us.

Our maintenance team offers you the peace of mind support on your printer operation and our advice can help you to improve your daily productivity on your organisation labeling solution. For more information about inhouse and onsite label printer maintenance service, look into below product information.

Inhouse maintenance service for your label printer
Label barcode printer inhouse services

Onsite maintenance service offer to your barcode label printer
Look into onsite barcode labeling printer services.

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