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Barcode Labelling Solution

BarTender is the world's most trusted software for labeling. BarTender is adaptable and configurable, providing support and advanced capabilities for integrating with existing and future business systems.
The world's most trusted Barcode Generator Software

BarTender® software by Seagull Scientific transforms data into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, packing slips and pallet labels that drive business.

BarTender offers:
   •  More built-in and advanced functionality throughout the labeling process.
   •  Flexible integration  using .NET SDKs and REST APIs.
   •  Customer success through an extensive network of value-add partners

Barcoding software for all type of business

Our BarTender can easily create and maintain barcodes and label templates for all business types. Seagull™ drivers provide an efficient and accurate label processes in a secure print environment.

BarTender is available in four editions for increasing needs in business. Each BarTender edition includes support for a unique set of BarTender companion applications and edition-specific features within a companion application.

Maintenance and Support 


A BarTender Maintenance and Support Agreement (MSA) protects your business against unexpected disruptions, and enables your software to grow as your business grows.

Your maintenance entitlement provides you with access to the following benefits for the duration of your maintenance term:
  • LIVE SUPPORT – Get live access to our support experts via email, chat and phone. Premium Support is available to Automation and Enterprise customers.
  • FREE UPDATES – When an update or new version of BarTender is released, you’ll receive an email notification describing how to update.
  • EASY UPGRADES – Easily upgrade your software edition or add printers to your current license. Contact your BarTender reseller.
  • FAST RENEWALS – We’ll notify you two months before your MSA expires.

Help Desk

BarTender Support Portal

Organizations around the world, from small business to the world's largest companies, trust BarTender to help them meet evolving industry regulations and practices, with its ease of deployment and secure, configurable technology. We couldn't be happier to have you joining this group.

Resources and videos for new BarTender users include:
  • Installing BarTender – access the latest version of your software as soon as it is released for no additional cost.
  • Installing Drivers by Seagull™
  • Getting around BarTender
  • Creating data entry forms
  • Connecting to a database

Try our BarTender for FREE!

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