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The Difference between iX4 before 2022 with iX4 after 2022 from Argox. What improvements have been done to make your label printing better?

The new iX4 after 2022 comes with 3 stages of thermal printhead adjustable mechanism. It used to allow you to have better pressure on the printing element and make sure the ribbon wrinkle issue can be completely solved. At the same time, 3 level adjustment also allows you to use the printer for different thickness of printing material from commonly used art paper labels to art card ticket printing applications.

iX4 after 2022 now gives you bigger space during your paper and ribbon installation. This makes the ribbon and label changing easier compared previously, this improvement makes iX4 much more user friendly.

The improvement also upgraded the media guide. This small enhancement on the media guild prevents the small size label being shifted during the printing process. It makes the printing more precise compared to its previous design.

The TPH holder added an additional 2 more springs to make the printing element much more stable compared to the previous version. The existing spring is to allow the printing mechanism to be held firmly during the printing process.

One of the important enhancements to the iX4 is the added green color adjusting knob for use to adjust the printing pressure according to their printing material. This high end adjustment mechanism only appeared on precision printers previously.

by: pang

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