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Seeking for the world's most reliable brand barcode printer in Malaysia, why not look for the top Japanese brand SATO printer.

Sato Japan offers you the world class most reliable printer in Malaysia manufacturing targeting flexible and cost effective label printing applications specifically for the electrical industry. If you are looking for a trouble free printer with simple to operate operation. Sato CL4NX plus confirms the printer you are looking for. CL4NX plus printer is the all in one printer which offers you thermal transfer plus direct thermal in 1 printer solution. After many years of experience, CL4NX plus printer drivers allow you directly plug and play the printer from your computer. No more trouble while installing the printer on your workstation.

Printing Resolution
CL4NX printer models offer you 5 printing modes including Continuous, Tear-off, Cutter, Dispenser, Linerless in 1 machine. You may select either 203dpi, 305dpi or 609 dpi printhead models with different prices. However the most common model will be 305dpi in Malaysia as well as Singapore manufacturing usage.

Media Requirement
One of the unique advantages of the Sato CL4NX printer is this printer comes with a dual CPU processor and dual operating system. The CPU 1 comes with 2GB ROM, 256MB RAM for Linux OS, and the CPU 2 comes with 4MB ROM, 64 MB RAM for ITRON OS. This big capacity printer allows users to use up to 8.6inch diameter labels. In conjunction with this, you can also use the ribbon with length up to 600 meters to reduce the frequency of consumable changing.

Communication Interface Ready
Compare with other printer brand in the market, Sato understand the customer requirements more than other, that why CL4NX come with Standard Interfaces USB 2.0 (Type A & B), Ethernet (IPv4/v6), RS232C, IEEE1284, EXT, Bluetooth Ver. 3.0*, NFC connection without additional cost. However the WiFi card does not come free together with the standard part number. You need a special order for this interface card.

Optional accessories
You may select your own optional accessories based on your printing requirement. The standard basic unit does not come with it. The accessory include: Cutter, Linerless Cutter Kit, Dispenser with Internal Backing Paper Rewinder, Real-Time Clock, UHF RFID, Wireless LAN ki

Unique feature
CL4NX printers come with a color display alert indicator, the printer will prompt the user the printer status as well as playing the video guidance in order to assist users when they face issues during the operation as well as time for the printer maintenance.
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