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The different betwee 2 part number of PM45 PM45A10000000200 versus PM45A12000000200

PM45A10000000200  photo
PM45A12000000200 photo
Printer Type:Industrial PrinterIndustrial Printer
Resolution:203dpi (200dpi)203dpi (200dpi)
Printhead width:4 inch (110mm)4 inch (110mm)
Printhead Technology:Direct Thermal and Thermal TransferDirect Thermal and Thermal Transfer
Maximum Speed: 14ips14ips
User control indicator:With touch screen LCDWith touch screen LCD
Interface wired Port include:USB ClientUSB Client
Interface wired Port include:USB HostUSB Host
Interface wired Port include:RS232/serial PortRS232/serial Port
Interface wired Port include:TCPIP/NetworkTCPIP/Network
Interface wireless include:No Option Bluetooth
Interface wireless include:No Option
Option additional accessories come together with printer include:No OptionNo Option
Interface cable (free) together with the printer:No Communication CableNo Communication Cable
Power cord (free) together with the printer:No Power CordNo Power Cord
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