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Mobile Computers for your reference which I highlight Memor 11 (WAN device - available 1H 2023). Memor 11 is a replacement for Memor 10 (5” display) with improved specs.

6 important feature you need to know about Memor 11 as below.
1. Updated octa processor chipset.
2. Up-to-date Android OS (android 11 -> Android 13+)
3. Greater memory capacity (RAM 4GB/32GB)
4. Better scanning performance - 15% increase in DOF and reading speed
5. Market-proven semi-rugged from-factor if Memor 10.
6. Backward compatibility with all existing Memor 10 accessories.

by: Pang

24/Jun/2021IconSimple question about datalogic memor 20 mobile computer, let call us if you want to know more.
24/May/2021IconProduct Marketing Bulletin : New 'Megapixel' Scan Engine for MEMOR 10 PDA
11/Jan/2021IconDatalogic - Memor 10 Sales Training Webinar
11/Jan/2021IconCertificate of Conformity by SIRIM QAS International - Datalogic, Memor 1
11/Jan/2021IconCertificate of Conformity by SIRIM QAS International - Datalogic, Memor 10
11/Jan/2021Iconcomparison between Datalogic memor10 with Zebra TC5X series mobile computer, which you should select for your application?
11/Jan/2021IconComparison between Zebra TC51 and Datalogic Memor10 mobile computer, which one you should select.
11/Jan/2021IconDatalogic Memor10 android base 2D QR Code area imager to decode barcode and do stock take for your warehouse.
11/Jan/2021IconSpecification compare between Datalogic Memor1, Honeywell eda51 and zebra TC20 enterprise digital assistant
11/Jan/2021IconDatalogic Memor 1 now come with latest wireless charging technology, go wireless for barcode scanning
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