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How you want to compare between Datalogic SkorpioX5 and Zebra MC2200 warehouse mobile computer

 FeatureDatalogic SkorpioX5
Zebra MC2200 
 Data Capture Scanner  1D imager; 2D imager: std range, Mid-range, XLR (near/far)  2D imager: std range  Multiple scan engine options can read any barcodes at any reading distance. Reliable and smooth scanning experience improve work efficience. 
 Rear Camera  13 MP camera  13 MP camera  proof of defect in in case of faulty items, much more pixels make it clearer 
 Power  Wireless (15W fast charging)/wired contacts charging  Wired/contacts charging  Wireless Charging is a unique feature in the market that ensures the reductions of downtime due to contacts failures (the nÂș2 reason of failure in Mobile devices!). Additionally it brings ease of use, reducing mispositioning in the charging dock that results in no charge 
Battery  3500/6200 mAh
hot swappable
 3500 /4900 mAh
Warm Swap mode
 Hot Swappable technology and higher capacity battery allow Customers to run 24x7 operations with no interruptions in the most demanding and scanning intensive applications 
 Interfaces  USB Type-C: USB 3.1 gen 1
(3.2 gen 1x1), host/client
 USB 2.0 (host/client)  USB Type-C, faster data transmission speed(10Gbps), stronger power supply capability(100W), two-way power supply, stronger scalability 

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