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Latest Windows Update May Cause BarTender Problem

The recent Microsoft Windows Updates may cause serious problem on BarTender.

This update seems to impact to all window drivers which includes printer driver, and BarTender is affected.

If customers install the update, they are only able to print 2 or 3 print jobs from BarTender, after that, BarTender will fail to print until the process is restarted. This happens when printing directly from Bartender and when printing via any kind of automation (Commander, Integration Builder, SDK, etc.).


As of now, the only workaround is to remove the most recently installed updates.


Please remind your BarTender clients of this issue and push out this Microsoft Windows Update when it’s verified.

Some is asking what OS.

It appears to be limited to Windows 7 and Server2008R2 (which happen to be our two most popular operating systems…).

by: pangbk

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