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Autotrack On Demand Automatic Labeling Solution, Help You To Improve your Productivity

Automatic Label Applicator
Factory automatic labeling solution is always the wish for most of the Small and Medium Industry. Autotrack with the pass many year experience now would like offer you an affordable automatic label applicator solution. With join force between Autotrack and various reliable hardware in the AIDC market. Autotrack team now deliver to you a seamlessly and affordable solution for your factory labeling solution whereby we design, print, apply, read and preview your product labeling, we give you the statistic of your production daily. A smartphone access statistic report to be view by the management daily or weekly or even monthly.

Example of Industry – Biscuit industry
In the biscuit industry, applying of paper sticker sometime may be required if the same packaging use for different country. Difference language of ingredient need to be specify outside the packaging. Standard packaging convert may not contain the required information for difference country and difference language. Autotrack On Demand Applicator can help you on this situation.
Example of Industry – IT devices Industry
In none Home user IT factory, standard brown color boxes use by most of the factory. Autotrack On Demand Automatic labeling now become the time savior for this industry. Autotrack will design, print, stick, capture, preview the produce device and recorded the serial number of the devices.

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