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Standard warranty versus Honeywell Repair services (HRS) we offer in Malaysia for your Honeywell barcode product.

Honeywell barcode device offer 2 type of after sales cover on the device in Malaysia market. First is warranty cover and second is Honeywell Repair service cover. Two of the after sales cover will give you a better investment return when you choose to use Honeywell barcode device. Include Barcode scanner, barcode mobile computer and barcode printer.

Standard warranty cover is not service support plan, it only cover factory defect in product or workmanship, this is a minimum protection for warranty of 1 years. On top of this customer can add on standard warranty for additional 1 to 2 years. For wireless scanner normally come with 3 years warranty, you may purchase additional warranty for 2 years to make up 5 years.

Honeywell Repair service cover is basically a insurance policy for the devices you invested. It come with complete cover including what is in the extended warranty plus additional below beneficial.
• “Insurance policy”
• Complete protection.
• To pro-long device life-span.
• Protect investment.
• Business continuity – reduces downtime.

4 type of repair service you may select as below:
Standard warranty, basic contract basic, plus contract service and complete contract service.

Standard warranty - Covers manufacturing defect for device only 1 to 5 years term depend of model
BASIC - Service contract to extend the standard warranty for another 1 to 2 years term.
PLUS - Comprehensive service contract for device, handstrap, stylus & screen protector for 3 or 5 years term.
COMPLETE - Comprehensive service contract for device, handstrap, stylus, screen protector, pistol grip, power management, replacement battery/printhead for 3 or 5 years term.

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