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How Autotrack Enterprise Asset Tracking can help you on device maintenance budgeting purposes and what is the budget allocation to be applied from your finance department for the coming year?

Every valuable asset or serving asset in the organisation needs to be serviced or maintained yearly, monthly or weekly depending on the nature of the asset itself. Some of the organisations may call this asset as their tool or equipment rather than asset. No matter what term use by the organization, Autotrack Enterprise Asset Tracking comes with the feature for you to make this tracking process simple and organised.

Equipment like photocopier machine, air conditional, colour printer, labeling printer, ACDC testing equipment, precision measuring instruments, vision inspection machine, weight inspection machine, automated sorting machine is one of the most important tool or equipment in the organisation, periodically maintenance and costing for the maintenance is one of the main expenses for the organisation. Who is responsible for the periodic maintenance, where is the budget allocation required by this action, how we know what is the cost? This is all the information required by the management for yearly or quarterly budget purposes.

Simple step on Autotrack to track expenses for budget purposes.
Every expenses budgeting derived from previous data as a reference basis. So your tracking action on the expenses is the most important action in order to derive the expenses budget for yearly account purposes. Autotrack knows the difficulty of the tracking and what is the simplest step of tracking. The user just needs to print out the services barcode and scan it every time the servicing process is performing. The servicing data is captured and the reporting for servicing history can be viewed when required.

The sample report for budgeting purposes can be view as below:

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