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HandScanner - Scan freely with the back of the hand

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Streamline workers’ daily operations with the
new non-intrusive hands-free scanner from Datalogic


HandScanner brings the best ergonomics, comfort,
lightness, footprint and performance

Improve productivity with unmatched comfort

The ergonomic design of the HandScanner delivers higher 1D and 2D bar codes scanning accuracy, reduced scanning times, and drastic errors decrease. Saving 4 seconds per scan and eliminating 33% errors make a difference on the bottom line.

Unlike a ring scanner that is held on the fingers of the worker, the HandScanner is not intrusive, is more resistant, and is not exposed to bumps at every movement.

A single fast charge suffices for a full working shift

The HandScanner is always up and running. Workers can use a charged device for up to 15 hours and 10,000 scans. The 2-slot charging station charges the battery in only 2 hours

Choose the model that fits your needs

The "Standard range" HandScanner is made for closer 10-80 cm (3.9 to 31.5 in) scanning range, and the “Mid-range” version covers a wider 30-150 cm (11.8 to 59 in) range for warehouses, plant floors, docks, and stock yard

Take advantage of the superior bundle with Datalogic mobile computers

The HandScanner is easily coupled with Datalogic hand held and vehicle mount computers, providing workers with a complete and top performing solution for data collection.

Typical applications

Retail: shelf replenishment, click and collect, price checking, inventory

Transportation & Logistics: picking, packing, receiving, sorting, shipping,
track & tracing

Manufacturing: parts and assembly’s traceability, sequencing stations,
inventory management, replenishment, sorting, finished goods verification

Healthcare: pharmaceutical and laboratory warehouse picking
and inventory, sample/blood bag tracking

by: fatihah

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