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How to make use of barcode technology in your warehouse stock take activity, How Autotrack on Demand stock take help you to simplify the stock take

Every trading company with physical stock exist in their daily buying and selling activity compulsory to have a stock summary report by every end of their company financial year. This report compulsory to be accurate by government to make sure their profit and loss is accurate and need to be submitted for company account auditing purposes. Stock take action is a very simple but tiring activity for the storekeeper due to it repeating action and the situation become worse if your company warehouse is poor design and do not think of the staff need to work long hour inside this area. After the stock take physical action done, the auditing will become critical for the store supervisor due to stocktake figure is not accurate compare with the system quantity. Write off decision and re-received decision need to make immediately by the store supervisor in order to make sure the report submitted is accurate for accounting department to summit for company tax purposes. This is another phycology challenge for the store supervisor before making this big decision. The result making become more and more difficult if the product value become more and more expensive. This commonly seen problem by Autotrack team allow us design the Autotrack On Demand Stock take solution to assist most of the company to reduce this problem. Our objective of this solution it to help our customer to simplify the stocktake activity, simplify the stock loss decision making and summit the accounting required report sharp and accurately as well as confidently on the date the company account is closing.

What is Autotrack On Demand Stock Take Solution?
Autotrack stock take solution is a solution consist of software, hardware, training and consultation for our customer in order to assist them simplify their stocktake activity as well as improve the efficiency for their existing stocktake activity. For them who are still using paper base stock take method, Autotrack team will assist them to transform into digital form by using barcode technology. Our team will try to improve the company stock accuracy and reduce the workload as well as impact to store department during the end of the financial closing period. Cutting short of stock take time or splitting the stock take time by the year end will highly improve the store team productivity. Our ideal stock take time and frequency is the stock take can be done daily and finish within 5 minute a day with 100% accurate inventory report.

Who and why Autotrack On Demand barcode stock take?
Autotrack On Demand Barcode stocktake solution offer by Autotrack On Demand team is a very easy to integrate and user friendly solution. We are designing the stocktake solution specifically target for Small and Medium Industry (SMI) and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) company in Malaysia and Singapore. This barcode picking solution develop in the purpose to make sure your store stock accuracy upto 100% during the stock closing period and give a complete stock take report to the store supervisor and management for better stock arrangement and future cost saving.
How to use Autotrack On Demand barcode for warehouse Stocktake?
Warehouse barcode tracking prerequisite is the warehouse stock must be 100% barcoded either directly on the product item itself or on the shelf/rack. Autotrack team will not be able to run warehouse barcode stocktake without proper barcoding. If your organisation just want to do the new barcode for your product, please select our Autotrack Professional label designer prior to warehouse barcode. Once the product fully compliant to the stock take requirement, the store supervisor need to make a important decision for the stock take from below 3 option.
1st Select the stock take figure want to be auto add on. Or
2nd stocktake figure manual add on (Override figure) or
3rd stocktake figure show individually.
Once the decision made, the whole stock take process can not be change. Store supervisor can only change the mode of stock take after the whole stock take exercise process is finish. Once the decision is made, briefing is very important for the staff on this decision to prevent any wrong calculation during the stock take process. once this done, the next stock take process will be training for store keeper on the mobile computer on how to scan the barcode when prompt to do so by the system. A simple counter will be show base on the shelf to inform stocktake user during the stocktake exercise to give them an ideal the remaining item to be scan base on shelf.

Type of stock take method available.
In individual records mode, each scan by store keeper will be display as single records as summary. this mode of stock take ideal for sequence stock take and the most common type of stock take. Ideal to be use for online and offline stock take mode together or separate.

In total quantity mode, Autotrack will be automatically help the user to make a sum for for the stock take quantity. This mode of stock take will normally selected by the user want to use autotrack as auto summaries purpose (one scan equal to one). In this mode, offline stock take will be sum on mobile device and again one more round sum after the collected data being transfer from mobile device to Autotrack.

In last quantity mode, Autotrack will override the last collected quantity value with previous collected quantity value. This mode is normally use by the user who have a clear stock take planning and organising skill during the stock take. In this mode, offline stock take will be override the previous records in the mobile computer and again the last stock take quantity from the last mobile computer will be override the previous records in the autotrack server which uploaded by the previous mobile computer.

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