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Autotrack On Demand Stock Take help one of the entertainment company in Malaysia manage their stock daily.

With the assistant of Honeywell EDA50K Enterprise Digital Assistant, Autotrack team manage to simplify the stock take process for one of the famous entertainment brand in Malaysia to do their stock take daily after the daily operation. With the latest online mobile stock take, the expensive branded goods required to be stock take daily by their oversea management to make sure zero lost in the shop inventory daily. Autotrack with the improved version of online stock take engine, it give the immediate response to the user “now” quantity for the product there are selling in the outlet.

Our Autotrack On Demand Stocktake program install at the customer branch PC, connect directly to customer POS system, a clear view of customer stocktake activity can be audit with Autotrack. Now is the time for us to help to the audit your shop item by just scanning the item barcode on your shelf. The instant report generated for the store manager immediately on the stock take process.

Call our Autotrack stocktake team now to help you to simplify your shop stock take process.

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