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Product Marketing Bulletin : New 'Megapixel' Scan Engine for MEMOR 10 PDA



Datalogic is pleased to announce the availability of new models for the Memor™ 10 mobile
computer embedding a new 2D scan engine option with significantly improved performance. This new Megapixel scan engine has been specifically designed and developed by Datalogic to improve barcode reading performance for best in the class depth of field. The Megapixel scan engine also enables DotCode (tobacco tracking) and Digimarc®
watermarking reading. Datalogic’s patented “Green Spot” technology for visible good-read feedback is also integrated into this miniature scan engine package. A variety of markets, including verticals like Retail, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics and Healthcare will benefit from the performance of this upgraded Memor 10 mobile computer.

by: fatihah

24/Jun/2021IconSimple question about datalogic memor 20 mobile computer, let call us if you want to know more.

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