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How to use the Zebra DS3678 wireless barcode scanner in car spare part manufacturing process


Boost Productivity and Quality Control on the Production Line with New DS3678 Scanner
The Challenge : Meet Production Schedules,Ensure Product Quality and Enable Cost- Effective Track and Trace

Unstoppable Performance With Zebra Ultra-Rugged 3600 Series
Get the unstoppable performance you need to raise productivity and quality control to the next level on your production line. The Ultra-Rugged DS3678 delivers :

Superior scanning performance required to keep the car production line moving at peak capacity
An ultra-rugged design that is nearly indestructible,virtually eliminating unplanned production line downtime due to malfunctioning scanner.
Superior Bluetooth technology that frees workers from cords- without risking WiFi interference.
Minimal device management time and cost through industry-best, complimentary management tools.


When Only the Best Scanning Technology Will Do
Your success is all about throughput and accuracy. The faster your workers can complete a scan, the faster your production line moves, and the faster orders are fulfilled and delivered. That’s why the DS3678 is loaded with all of our most advanced scanning technologies

When Only the most Rugged Design Will Do
General purpose scanners aren’t to handle the tough environment on most manufacturing production lines,resulting in high volumes of scanner failures and support desk calls - and high replacement and repair cost. The DS3678 eliminates it all with and ultra-rugged design that is purpose built for everyday life on the manufacturing floor.

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