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What is the question to ask when you would like to purchase a new barcode scanner?

Just to share with you on some tip when you would like to buy a new barcode scanner for your organisation. What is the question you should ask your supplier before you make a decision on the model of barcode reader.

How to select barcode reader?

1. What type of environment will the bar code scanner be used in? Harsh (as in factory together with heavy and oily machine), normal (as in a store), light (testing and checking purpose) 

2. Is automatic scanning (no human intervention), continuous by human (more than 100 item to scan a day) or periodic (less than 100 item to scan a day) scanning needed? 

3. Is hands-free or hand-held capability required? 

4. Will scanning be conducted close to the bar code or from a distance? 

5. What will the bar code scanner connect to (PC, Terminal, PLC and other)? 

6. Scan item size and weight, can you move the scan item near to the PC display when scanning?

7. What is the budget of the device?

8. Will the scanning process timing affect the working performance?

9. what barcode symbology going to scan? 1D or 2D barcode?

10. what is the surface reflection and colour of the barcode?

11. What is the density of the barcode? Layman term big or small barcode?

12. barcode scanner brand important for the owner? 

13. warranty period you are looking for? High warranty higher price. back to budget again.

14. Outlook and colour of the scanner (it may be important if this barcode scanner is going to use at the POS counter).

by: Pang

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