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Satin ribbon printing with Godex EZ1100+ printer, keep your memories with your best friend and families.

Personalized satin ribbon now becoming the trend for many personal occasions and the trend is becoming popular in Malaysia and Singapore. With the growing all the time personalized present sending, more and more floweriest shop, premium shop, present shop, gift shop start to adapt the satin ribbon personalized concept.

Memories of present worth thousand time more than the value of the present, Keeping the present is easy but the information to be carry with the present will be the challenge for the sender. ALC know the issue face by most of the gift shop who want to provide the solution for the customer, that why we introduce you the new concept of satin ribbon printing with Godex EZ1100+ printer. With this memorable solution from us, ALC believe your customer will coming back to you for their next present solution for their lover and friends.

Equipment you need for your satin ribbon memories solution as below:

  1. Godex EZ1100+ desktop satin ribbon printing.
  2. External stacker for satin ribbon holding
  3. Satin Ribbon.
  4. Printing ribbon.
  5. Designing software.
  6. Our friendly training for the satin ribbon printing.

How the satin ribbon printing work?

In order for you to give a memorable solution for your customer, printing of satin ribbon and teaching your customer how to keep satin ribbon is one of the skill for your staff to deliver the message to your customer. After taken out the present from the wrapping paper, remember to tight the present with the satin ribbon before keep on the memories rack.

To print the satin ribbon, you just need to design with Godex label designer, you can print single satin ribbon every time, 2 up, 3 up or more up depend on your design and objective. Just click the print button, the personalized wording will be printed on the satin ribbon.

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