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DS6878 End of Sales (EOS) Announcement (31 May 2017)

With the introduction of the DS8178 2D general-purpose handheld scanner, Zebra is announcing we will no longer promote or market the DS6878. DS6878: Last book date May 31, 2017. Last ship date August 31, 2017. DS6878-HC: Last book date July 31, 2017. Last ship date October 31, 2017. The DS8178 offers the fastest scanning performance in its class, innovative new features to empower workers at the point of sale, and Zebra‚Äôs unrivaled manageability tools. It is ideally suited for those who place a high value on improving productivity at the point-of-sale and creating a more satisfying checkout experience for their customers. The DS8178-HC combines performance, adaptability, and manageability so healthcare professionals can perform their data capture tasks accurately and more productively without disturbing their patients. From medication administration to specimen collection, admitting and inventory and dietary management, the DS8178-HC is the ideal solution to enhance patient safety, the productivity of staff members and the efficiency of point-of-care operations. 
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