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Autotrack price tag printing solution with lasetjet or inkjet printer as easy as 123

Price tag printing should be as simple as click and print action, Autotrack team understand the difficulty faced by most of the retailer owner or manager in printing their price tag monthly or quarterly. The price tag printing process becoming more challenging when the price update process need to be done within a single day duration. 
3 simple step to use Autotrack for price tag printing solution for your retail manager, run the web browser on your outlet computer, login to the Autotrack, select and print out the latest price tag for the month. No complicated click and user friendliness is the Autotrack design objective to help to handle repeating task for your retail shop.

What you can do with Autotrack Price tag solution
Product price labeling - Sticker make simple by just select and print.
Price adjustments - Get a mobile computer and mobile printer to help you simplify this process.
Promotion banner printing - Increase the buying rate for your customer.
Shelf Labeling Solution - A4 art card shelf label printing save your operating cost.
Hanging tags or cloth tag - generate make simple with single or multiple tag printing.
Expirating information printing - make sure your self packaging product show proper information for your customer.
Nutrition information printing - make sure your customer have a glance of the product you are selling.
Food Tag display - give your customer the complete view of your buffer food.

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