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Food Ready, Consumers Satisfied

Food Ready, Consumers Satisfied

Food Labels are a legal requirement and are important for several reasons.

They help consumers make informed choices about the food they buy, help them to store and use it safely and allows people to plan when they will consume it - all of which help to reduce wastage.

Which is why, food labels are essential for every F&B outlet

Introducing Honeywell's PC43T Printer, which can be used for standalone printing that can be integrated with a keyboard.

Print it when you need it
  • Temperature
  • Date and Time of food prepared 
  • Food Labels on Take-away Package 
  • Best-before 
  • Consume by 
  • Allergens 
  • Ingredients 
  • Customer's name and order number 
  • Thank you note 
  • Discount / Voucher 
  • Instructions 
  • Barcodes

Take one step to improve your customers' satisfaction for your restaurant.

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