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How easy to print your label sticker with your label printer, A4 inkjet or laser printer.

Label printing made easy: Print your label and personalized your barcode with latest online printing program and get high quality label printing by yourself. No longer required to order and have long waiting time waiting from your supplier. Label printing on label printer or directly on your A4 inject or laser printer. Autotrack Label Designer now come with easy to use web page designer. Just drag and drop your text or picture from the toolbox, then the label is ready to be printed. Connect your printer to network connection, now you can print from any PC or mobile devices in your network. Single label in 1 row, multi column in 1 row, just select from the preview window then you can print out your required label. Printing label never to be so easy before. Web page program simplify your label design and printing.

Select and print, almost foolproof printing method.

Webpage designer, make your design easy to learn.

by: pang

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